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LED Lights at GT Auto Parts

GT Auto Parts has a wide range of specialised and advanced LED lights. With over 15 years of experience in manufacturing and supplying High end auto Parts & Accessories, GT Auto Parts guarantee led headlights for salequality with every purchase, designed with precision and revised by an exceptional team of experts. We are renowned for our high quality LED Conversion Kit upgrades.

LED lights (Light-emitting diode lights) are incredibly powerful lights used for all sorts of Cars. LED lights are the perfect Product to be used on automobiles as they last five times longer than traditional halogen globes. (along with a two year warranty). The brightness of these lights increase the visibility of Distance and surroundings of what is ahead when driving at night , hence why LED lights are used in Headlights low beam, high beam, fog lights, indicators, daytime lights (DRL), interior lights.

Our range

Gex Led is a brand which is stocked in GT Auto Parts which manufacture Durable LED lights. We have a vast range of Led Light  which comes in sizes H1, H3, H4, H7, H8, H9, H10, H11, H15, HB3, HB4 and 9012. Our festoon sizes are 31mm and 42mm and wedge sizes are t5, t10, t15 and t20 all in 6000k crystal white colour.

The different types of LED  you choose is very important. Phillips Zes LED, CSP LED and Cree. Phillips Zes LED is a very clean white which is described as ‘comfortable.’ CSP LED is a small sized LED which emits the same amount of power. Cree Led is a very efficient LED all depends on the Budget range .

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Our products

White SMD LED Interior Light Conservation Kit

Advantages are safety and quality to drivers visibility and Vision of Driving experience Day and Night .Our LED lights range from Exterior to Interior lighting.  One of the most popular items from the interior LED lights range is the ‘White SMD LED interior light conservation kit Full Package for Many cars.’ This kit illuminates the interior of your car, creating a sophisticated and modern look. These are brand new Crystal Bright white lights which completely lights up the inside of your car.

Plug & play low beam and fog light LED conversion kits

Another very popular item available is the ‘Plug & play low beam and fog light LED conversion kits.’ These led lights are very powerful Combined together as they are made with extremely high intensity LED chips. These chips produce a crisp white 6000K light which is perfect for driving on high ways and Rural areas. 

They have exceptional durability and are both shock and water proof, removing the risk of having to get replacements due to damage. They are easy to install with no modifications needed along with the product such as a easy to follow manual which clearly outlines the steps and processes necessary to setting up your LED lights. These LED lights are different to any other as they are incredibly advanced in their technology with low heat because of the fan backing since the led light created to be used under extreme conditions.

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If you want to add a unique and distinct accessory to your car, GT Auto Parts stock many additional car accessories which are exclusive to GT  is the Wireless car CREE LED laser projector logo for BMW. Audi, Lexus ,Toyota ,Mazda , Honda and Many More  puddle door welcome plug and play.’ These lights come in two different designs; BMW and Audi to add an extra feature that will distinguish your car from the crowd. These LED lights are very easy to install and will light up the instant a door is opened, creating a light Projected display of the car logo on the on to the ground. These lights add an element of class and are an awesome feature unique to GT Auto Parts.

As evidenced throughout this post, GT Auto Parts has a wide range of exceptionally powerful and economical LED lights available. These LED lights come in a range of different uses and colours. Head to GT Auto Parts’ website to find out about LED lights and many other services and accessories available online all with Discounted Prices and A Warranty of 1 year.


best price White SMD LED Interior Light Conservation Kit