Gex 50w 8ohm H7 Load Resistor Car LED Headlight Conversion CANbus Error Cancel

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CANBUS System ensuring the LED bulbs light up full power without malfunction issue or flickering issues.


Package included: 2x H7 LED Decoder Adapter
Housing Color: Black
Voltage: 12V
Cable Length: Approx. 32cm (with LED decoder)
Socket Type: H7

The CANBUS decoder can solve the following problems:

The indicator of the instrument panel lights when the headlight is used as Fault Light.

The indicator of the instrument panel doesn’t light when the headlight is used as High Beam.

The LED head lights flash when starting the engine.

The engine stops working when turning on the LED head lights.

Can also solve Error warnings:

LED head lights don’t light.

LED head lights keep flashing after installation.

One of the LED head lights, but the other one doesn’t light.

LED head lights automatically turn off after lighting up for few minutes.

Package Includes:

2 X Canbus Resistor Cables

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Gex 2 X H7 LED Headlight Canbus Error Free Anti Flicker Resistor Decoder