Suitable For Toyota Hiace KDH2 LH2 89465-26140 Post-Cat Aftermarket Oxygen Sensor


Protection tube ensures 100% accurate sensor performance

Double laser-welded stainless steel body is totally submersible to seal tight and protect against contamination for long life

Fast-acting heater optimizes sensor operation

Coated threads for easy installation

Manufactured to detect the amount of exhaust gas air fuel ratio

Constructed from durable material

Features zirconia solid electrolyte

Easy installation

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Ray Butler
30. August, 2023.
Item as discribed and delivered promptly to me I will be happy to deal with the company again cheers ray .a big tick of approval
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Carl Devlin
29. August, 2023.
Fast, good price and quality product. Will use again
Rebecca Gardner
Rebecca Gardner
29. August, 2023.
Fantastic experience. Called to ask some questions before I made my finale decision. The answers I received were fantastic and easy to understand . It help me make my final rescission. Product arrived very promptly and my husband is very very happy with his birthday gift. Thanks for making me look good with my gift 🎁
26. August, 2023.
Purchased LED headlight globes, very good quality and super fast shipping
William Humphrey
William Humphrey
23. August, 2023.
Quick delivery and part worked as described. Great job.
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San Tuladhar
20. August, 2023.
Excellent products and service. Thank you.
Peter Lovric
Peter Lovric
17. August, 2023.
Excellent communication. Fast delivery. Great price. Product works well.
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T-o-y-o-t-a Hiace KDH2 LH2 89465-26140 Post-Cat Oxygen Sensor

Your oxygen sensor is the main component in your vehicle that measures and adjusts pollution levels. It ensures that your car’s emission system is as clean as possible. In its normal course of duty, the oxygen sensor will fail or burn out eventually and require replacement.

Every 100,000 thousand kilometres or when your oxygen sensor fails, it should be immediately replaced. This is in order to ensure that the sensor is reducing the level of emissions your vehicle puts into the atmosphere, and to keep your engine running smoothly and properly.

Our oxygen sensor maintains fuel economy, emissions and performance.

To suit:

01/2005-01/2014 TOYOTA HIACE KDH2**,LH2**,TRH2**

08/2013-11/2013 TRH200R-SSPDK STD, GEN, VAN, RHD, SRF, 1TRFE, HTWC, 4FC, 5D, 06S, SP
05/2005-11/2013 TRH201L-EFMDK STD, GEN, VAN, LHD, HRF, 2TRFE, HTWC, 5F, 4D, 03S, SG
01/2005-11/2013 TRH201L-SBMDK STD, GEN, VAN, LHD, SRF, 2TRFE, HTWC, 5F, 5D, 03S, SP
01/2005-11/2013 TRH201R-RBMDKQ STD, ARL, VAN, RHD, SRF, 2TRFE, HTWC, 5F, 4D, 03S, SP
01/2005-11/2013 TRH201R-RBPDKQ STD, ARL, VAN, RHD, SRF, 2TRFE, HTWC, 4FC, 4D, 03S, SP
01/2005-11/2013 TRH201R-SRMDK STD, GEN, VAN, RHD, SRF, 2TRFE, HTWC, 5F, 5D, 06S, SG
01/2005-11/2013 TRH201R-SRPDK STD, GEN, VAN, RHD, SRF, 2TRFE, HTWC, 4FC, 5D, 06S, SG
01/2005-11/2013 TRH201R-SSMDK STD, GEN, VAN, RHD, SRF, 2TRFE, HTWC, 5F, 5D, 06S, SP
01/2005-08/2007 TRH201R-SSPDK STD, GEN, VAN, RHD, SRF, 2TRFE, HTWC, 4FC, 5D, 06S, SP
01/2005-11/2013 TRH213L-JDMNK GL, GEN, COM, LHD, SMRF, 2TRFE, HTWC, 5F, 4D, 10S, SG
09/2007-11/2013 TRH213R-KDPNKT GL, TH, COM, RHD, SMRF, 2TRFE, HTWC, 4FC, 5D, 11S, SG
06/2005-11/2013 TRH221L-LFMDK STD, GEN, VAN, LHD, HRF, 2TRFE, HTWC, 5F, 4D, 03S, SG
01/2005-11/2013 TRH221L-MBMDK STD, GEN, VAN, LHD, HRF, 2TRFE, HTWC, 5F, 5D, 03S, SP
01/2005-11/2013 TRH221R-MBMDKQ STD, ARL, VAN, RHD, HRF, 2TRFE, HTWC, 5F, 5D, 03S, SP
01/2005-11/2013 TRH221R-MBPDKQ STD, ARL, VAN, RHD, HRF, 2TRFE, HTWC, 4FC, 5D, 03S, SP
01/2005-11/2013 TRH223L-LEMNK GL, GEN, COM, LHD, HRF, 2TRFE, HTWC, 5F, 4D, 16S, SG
01/2005-11/2013 TRH223L-LEMNKX GL, CIS, COM, LHD, HRF, 2TRFE, HTWC, 5F, 4D, 12S, SG
01/2005-11/2013 TRH223L-LEPNK GL, GEN, COM, LHD, HRF, 2TRFE, HTWC, 4FC, 4D, 13S, SG
01/2005-11/2013 TRH223R-LEMDKQ STD, ARL, COM, RHD, HRF, 2TRFE, HTWC, 5F, 4D, 14S, SG
10/2006-12/2013 TRH223R-LEMDKT STD, TH, COM, RHD, HRF, 2TRFE, HTWC, 5F, 4D, 15S, SG
01/2005-11/2013 TRH223R-LEPDKQ STD, ARL, COM, RHD, HRF, 2TRFE, HTWC, 4FC, 4D, 14S, SG

12/2013- TOYOTA HIACE GDH201,KDH2**,LH2**,TRH2**

12/2013-12/2014 TRH200R-SSPDK STD, GEN, VAN, RHD, SRF, 1TRFE, HTWC, 4FC, 5D, 06S, SP
12/2013- TRH201L-SBMDK STD, GEN, VAN, LHD, SRF, 2TRFE, HTWC, 5F, 5D, 03S, SP
12/2013- TRH201L-SBMDKV STD, GCC, VAN, LHD, SRF, 2TRFE, HTWC, 5F, 5D, 03S, SP
12/2013- TRH201L-SRMDKV STD, GCC, VAN, LHD, SRF, 2TRFE, HTWC, 5F, 5D, 06S, SG
12/2013-12/2018 TRH201R-RBMDKQ STD, ARL, VAN, RHD, SRF, 2TRFE, HTWC, 5F, 4D, 02S, SP
12/2013-12/2014 TRH201R-RBPDKQ STD, ARL, VAN, RHD, SRF, 2TRFE, HTWC, 4FC, 4D, 02S, SP
12/2013-12/2018 TRH201R-SRMDK STD, GEN, VAN, RHD, SRF, 2TRFE, HTWC, 5F, 5D, 06S, SG
12/2013-12/2014 TRH201R-SRPDK STD, GEN, VAN, RHD, SRF, 2TRFE, HTWC, 4FC, 5D, 06S, SG
12/2013- TRH203L-REMDK STD, GEN, COM, LHD, SRF, 2TRFE, HTWC, 5F, 4D, 15S, SG
12/2013- TRH203L-REPDKV STD, GCC, COM, LHD, SRF, 2TRFE, HTWC, 4FC, 4D, 15S, SG
12/2013- TRH203R-REMDK STD, GEN, COM, RHD, SRF, 2TRFE, HTWC, 5F, 4D, 15S, SG
12/2013-11/2015 TRH213L-JDMNK GL, GEN, COM, LHD, SMRF, 2TRFE, HTWC, 5F, 4D, 10S, SG
12/2013- TRH213L-JEMDK STD, GEN, COM, LHD, SMRF, 2TRFE, HTWC, 5F, 4D, 16S, SG
12/2013-11/2016 TRH213L-JEPDKV STD, GCC, COM, LHD, SMRF, 2TRFE, HTWC, 4FC, 4D, 16S, SG
12/2013- TRH213R-JEMDK STD, GEN, COM, RHD, SMRF, 2TRFE, HTWC, 5F, 4D, 16S, SG
12/2013-05/2019 TRH213R-KDPNKT GL, TH, COM, RHD, SMRF, 2TRFE, HTWC, 4FC, 5D, 11S, SG
12/2013- TRH221L-LFMDK STD, GEN, VAN, LHD, HRF, 2TRFE, HTWC, 5F, 4D, 03S, SG
12/2013- TRH221L-MBMDK STD, GEN, VAN, LHD, HRF, 2TRFE, HTWC, 5F, 5D, 03S, SP
12/2013- TRH221L-MBMDKV STD, GCC, VAN, LHD, HRF, 2TRFE, HTWC, 5F, 5D, 03S, SP
12/2013-01/2019 TRH221R-MBMDKQ STD, ARL, VAN, RHD, HRF, 2TRFE, HTWC, 5F, 5D, 02S, SP
12/2013-12/2014 TRH221R-MBPDKQ STD, ARL, VAN, RHD, HRF, 2TRFE, HTWC, 4FC, 5D, 02S, SP
12/2013-11/2016 TRH223L-LDPNK GL, GEN, COM, LHD, HRF, 2TRFE, HTWC, 4FC, 4D, 10S, SG
12/2013- TRH223L-LEMDK STD, GEN, COM, LHD, HRF, 2TRFE, HTWC, 5F, 4D, 16S, SG
12/2013- TRH223L-LEMDKV STD, GCC, COM, LHD, HRF, 2TRFE, HTWC, 5F, 4D, 16S, SG
12/2013- TRH223L-LEMNK GL, GEN, COM, LHD, HRF, 2TRFE, HTWC, 5F, 4D, 16S, SG
12/2013-01/2019 TRH223L-LEMNKV GL, GCC, COM, LHD, HRF, 2TRFE, HTWC, 5F, 4D, 16S, SG
12/2013-11/2016 TRH223L-LEMNKX GL, RUS, COM, LHD, HRF, 2TRFE, HTWC, 5F, 4D, 12S, SG
12/2013- TRH223L-LEPDKV STD, GCC, COM, LHD, HRF, 2TRFE, HTWC, 4FC, 4D, 16S, SG
12/2013-01/2019 TRH223L-LEPNK GL, GEN, COM, LHD, HRF, 2TRFE, HTWC, 4FC, 4D, 13S, SG
12/2013-01/2019 TRH223L-LEPNKV GL, GCC, COM, LHD, HRF, 2TRFE, HTWC, 4FC, 4D, 16S, SG
12/2013- TRH223R-LEMDK STD, GEN, COM, RHD, HRF, 2TRFE, HTWC, 5F, 4D, 16S, SG
12/2013-04/2016 TRH223R-LEMDKQ STD, ARL, COM, RHD, HRF, 2TRFE, HTWC, 5F, 4D, 14S, SG
01/2014-03/2019 TRH223R-LEMDKT STD, TH, COM, RHD, HRF, 2TRFE, HTWC, 5F, 4D, 16S, SG
12/2013-12/2014 TRH223R-LEPDKQ STD, ARL, COM, RHD, HRF, 2TRFE, HTWC, 4FC, 4D, 14S, SG

Package Includes:

1 X Oxygen Sensor

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