Visbella Jelly Cleaning Putty Magic Gel Slime ( Natural Grape ) ( Aftermarket )


Safe and easy to use

Doesn’t leave sticky or greasy residue on surfaces or hands

Can be used on most surfaces and appliances

Absorbs dust and dirt with little effort

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Visbella Jelly Cleaning Putty Magic Gel Slime ( Natural Grape )

Visbella Jelly Cleaning Gel is a specialized gel designed to remove dust and dirt from hard-to-reach areas on virtually any item. This gel is engineered to be sticky enough to adhere onto contaminants while staying intact when in use. Furthermore, the gel is not sticky enough to permanently stick onto the targeted surfaces but does leave behind an appealing fragrance. The deforming nature of the gel allows it to bend and seep into even the smallest of crevices on virtually and surface for maximum flexibility.

This cleaning gel is extremely effective in absorbing and picking up dust due to its soft putty like composition. It is safe to use and cleans any hard to reach surfaces in your car, office and home efficiently. This cleaning putty dust remover will best clean dust and dirt from car vents, keyboards, phones, computer consoles, printers, etc. It is not sticky and can be easily expanded for larger surfaces by simply rolling it or pressing it to the surface that needs to be cleaned. In just a few simple motions, the dust will quickly attach itself to the jelly cleaner, leaving the surface clean and pristine. This gel cleaning dust remover can also be used several times until it turns a dark color and does not need to be cleaned. It should be kept it a cool and dry environment for longevity.

Package Includes:

1 X Visbella Jelly Cleaning Putty

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