Suitable For Mazda 3 FNC1-21-500 Automatic Transmission Filter Set


Airtight Non-Leak Seal
Memory Retention
Superior Filtration
Long Life and Reliability

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Rebecca Gardner
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Peter Lovric
17. August, 2023.
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For Mazda 3 FNC1-21-500 Automatic Transmission Filter Set

A transmission filter is a critical component of a vehicle’s transmission system. Its main function is to remove impurities and contaminants that may be present in the transmission fluid. Over time, dirt, debris,
metal shavings, and other particles can accumulate in the fluid, causing damage to the transmission if not removed. The transmission filter ensures that the transmission fluid is clean and free from contaminants.
Many modern vehicles have automatic transmissions that use hydraulic pressure to engage gears. Any impurities in the transmission fluid can lead to a loss of pressure, causing the transmission to slip or fail. By removing these particles, the transmission filter helps maintain the proper functioning of the transmission, extending its lifespan and reducing the chances of costly repairs. Regular maintenance of the transmission filter, including cleaning or replacing at recommended intervals, is essential for optimal vehicle performance and longevity.
Part Number:

To Suit:
2003-10 – 2009-06 MAZDA 3 (BK) 1.6
2003-10 – 2009-06 MAZDA 3 (BK) 2.0
2008-12 – 2014-09 MAZDA 3 (BL) 1.6 MZR
2009-01 – 2014-09 MAZDA 3 (BL) 2.0 MZR
2008-12 – 2013-05 MAZDA 3 (BL) 2.0 MZR DISI
2004-02 – 2009-06 MAZDA 3 Saloon (BK) 1.6
2004-06 – 2009-06 MAZDA 3 Saloon (BK) 1.6 DI Turbo
2004-02 – 2009-06 MAZDA 3 Saloon (BK) 2.0
2009-02 – 2014-09 MAZDA 3 Saloon (BL) 1.6 MZR
2009-03 – 2014-09 MAZDA 3 Saloon (BL) 2.0 MZR
2009-02 – 2013-05 MAZDA 3 Saloon (BL) 2.0 MZR DISI

Package Includes:
1 X Automatic Transmission Filter Set

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