5156106AF Spiral Airbag Clock Spring Replacement For Jeep Liberty 2008 – 2012

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The airbag clock spring is a coil that withdraws and extends inside its housing as the steering wheel turns. Its role is to maintain electrical coherence for all the components on the drivers airbag such as the airbag safety system, radio volume and station selections, horn and cruise controls. A clock spring can become faulty when wires become worn and break causing a short or open circuit. This can cause the airbag warning light to come on. Horn, radio controls and cruise controls can also stop as well.

Since the clock spring is responsible for two safety devices including the horn and airbag safety system, it is highly advised to replace a faulty clock spring with a new unit as soon as possible.

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Jeep Liberty 2008 – 2012

Please double check the vehicle’s original clock spring part number before purchasing this part

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1 X Airbag clock spring


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Onsale Jeep Liberty 08 – 12 5156106AF Airbag Clock Spring


 If Your Horn and Airbag Light is on This will Mean you Need to Replace The Spiral Airbag Clock Spring